Where Are You Now?

Yes, I’m still in Montana! Missoula, Montana as a matter of fact.

It has been a good 7 or so months since my last blog. I think it is about time to catch you all up on what’s happening in my life.

My Work: I am currently/still a medical receptionist at Missoula Bone and Joint. It is an orthopedic clinic with eight doctors and four PAs. I work a full schedule of four days a week and get free health insurance (my card just came in the mail about a month ago)! Jon – one of the eight Chicago area school go-ers that moved out here with us – recently landed a job as MBJ’s cashier. It’s a great job and I get a three day weekend, free health insurance, many free lunches, I work with great people (that give free medical advice), and I am learning something new everyday. One the receptionists’ son has a ranch an hour or so up north, so we get great farm fresh eggs and grass fed/finished ground beef whenever we need it. It is simply the best.

Weekends: I HAVE WEEKENDS! Ever since working at Egg Harbor Cafe in Elmhurst, IL at age fifteen, I had never been able to really experience a weekend. They are so great! Jake and I like to spend our weekends going climbing at the University climbing gym, taking bike rides, renting movies from Crazy Mikes Video (where Dan currently works), making delicious dinners, going on hikes/bouldering/snow shoeing/floating down the river (depending on the season), and playing The Settlers of Catan and Agricola. We’ve also been checking out the record stores and like to stock up on incense, coffee and tea from the local Butterfly Herbs. I seriously never knew weekends could be so great.

Music: My personal music scene is currently dedicated to The Missoula Community Chorus. I have been with this group since last Fall singing in their large, non-auditioned group as well as their auditioned, chamber group. It’s nothing like the EC Concert Choir or the Glen Ellyn’s Children’s Chorus, but we have a lot of fun and sound great. I am also a board member of this group serving as their PR and Marketing rep. So I am finally getting my foot into the world of non-profits! This Saturday we have our annual GALA event at the Keep Restaurant. It is renaissance themed and therefore I will be dressed in a big yellow dress, prancing around the restaurant singing “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” while jingling my tambourine! Go ahead… laugh. I allow it 🙂 Our concert is going to be on Saturday, April 27th at St. Anthony’s Church.

Arts & Crafts: As far as arts and crafts go, you can see what I’ve been doing based simply on my new website! Tooth fairy pillows are my current craze and they’re really pretty popular with some Missoulians. Right when I started making them, I made a few hundred bucks, but they started to die down after the holidays in December. Sarah – Jon’s girlfriend and another of my Chicago area school go-er friends – is currently working at The Learning Tree in the mall and said her boss would love for me to bring in some of my pillows! So after I get my labels made and a few more pillows put together, I’ll hopefully be selling them in a real store! I am also going to plan on getting a table at the People’s Market (which is combined with the Farmer’s Market) every Saturday morning starting Saturday, May 5th. I’m really planning on selling a lot of pillows there. I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that, life is sweet – if you couldn’t already tell. Marla and Jeff have finally gotten me interested in the Primal way of life and sent me a copy of The Primal Blueprint. So after I read through the whole thing, I might be taking a twenty-one day challenge. I’ve already starting cutting out breads and sugars (which has helped with getting rid of some unnecessary headaches I’ve been having) and have been feeling great. Jake, Pete, and I are also getting really into this whole outdoor climbing business. Before Jake had a silly incident with his hand and our new Cutco knives, we were going to the gym about twice a week. Now that his hand is about healed, we’re going to start going back sometime this week. Outdoor bouldering is the second part to that experience. I’ll have more stories about climbing as the weather warms up and as busy scheduled with choir and Jake’s school wind down.

Hope you all had a nice Easter! Until next time…


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